History Of Car Sales

Cars are a vital part of many peoples lives. Everyone relies on transportation in their life. Fact. There is not much else to it. Since the car was invented, it has been gradually changing society as we know it to the point that many people now cannot live without the car. The demand for cars has created a demand for car dealers, and that is where our little history lesson begins.

The Beginning

Originally called motor wagons, car sales began not long after the first car was invented, and a manufacturer named Benz (yes, the one we all recognised) sold the first one, and between 1888 and 1892, they sold around 25 cars. But that was private. When we turn to commercial car sales, they were made in 1893 by Charl and Frank Duryea. This was just the start of what would explode into a huge industry. One of the most extensive and most expensive in the world.

The car industry exploded in Europe, which is not really a surprise as that was where all the car manufacturers were setting up. France led the charge and, in 1903, became the largest car manufacturer in the world.

The World Wars

Two World Wars curtailed the industry immensely. Many car manufacturers had to reduce production significantly or stop it altogether. Factories were destroyed, and their production crews were sent to the Front as soldiers. Metals were rationed to preserve as much as possible for the war effort. It was not a great time for the car industry, but it boomed again after the wars for the manufacturers who had survived.


Until the legislation called the Monroney Sticker, there was no control when it came to car prices. Manufacturers could charge whatever they wanted. Monroney came up with the idea to regulate prices, so they were not randomly inflated whenever a rich person walked into the room. It called for car dealers to place a sticker with the suggested retail price on the car and have a list of specifications. This is something that is still in use today.

What About Car Leasing

Car leasing was a game-changer for the car industry. In the past, people were changing their cars every 3-5 years, on average. With leasing in place, the buying cycle shortened to 2-3 years. This led to a renewed interest in buying and increased production. Leasing a car was far more affordable for many people than simply buying.

The Car Industry is one that seemingly only continues to grow and expand. This is an incredibly lucrative area that is quickly looking to the future with electric cars.

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