Why You should purchase a Subaru

Subaru is one of the leading brands in Japan for their breathtaking designs and impressive engineering. Therefore they are a perfect choice for showing off to your peers, or making noise with the engine. They are widely renowned for being one of the best performance cars on the market and are even featured on most hollywood films based around cars. Due to their aesthetically pleasing design, they are always mesmerizing to watch, both on and off screen. They are a true beauty to behold.

What makes Subarus so different from other car brands?

Subaru is mostly known for performance, more specifically drifting. The performance aspect is what is most focussed on with this brand. However, they have also released cars that are activity and city friendly. This allows the brand itself to be much more flexible than to focus on a specific trait they may have. There are family friendly SUV style cars, travel friendly estate cars, flashy sports cars and environmentally friendly electric cars. With the ever changing car market, having the option for an electric car is keeping Subaru in the competitive market and shows that they are wanting to make the world a better place.

Subaru was ranked 7th in all of Japan for units sold in 2020. They sold over 105,000 in that year alone with more statistics being available here. If people thought the car purchase wasn’t worth it, or that it was just the same as any other car company, they wouldn’t have made that many sales. They know to set the bar high, but to be versatile and customer friendly on their international expanding journey. This is what separates them from a good car company and a great car company. Subaru only continues to get better and evolve.